#1 Inspire Healthy & Abundant Living.

This is what Azure is all about! This is our mission, our vision and our passion! We exemplify Healthy and Abundant Living in our own lives first, and then in our families, our community and our customers across the country. Learn More

#2 Provide Azure Standard Quality Service.

In our business we have a special relationship with our customers and that’s what sets us apart from any other company we know.  At Azure, we promote the highest Standard of Quality Service in a daily effort to delight our customers. We imagine an exceptionally positive experience for those we serve and strive to achieve it daily. Learn More

#3 Build Relationships. Forgive & Embrace The Moment.

Everything we do at Azure is about relationships- with our soil and plants, with family and team….with our product vendors and our customers.  Progress and even survival depend on how relationships are nurtured. Just as a bundle of sticks is many times stronger than a single, so are we when we Build Healthy RelationshipsLearn More

#4 Embrace Change. Practice Flexibility.

Azure’s mission is to help inspire the world to change, embracing more abundant health. Just as the universe is in motion, nothing on earth is going to remain the same; it’s going to change. By Embracing the Change, we can be instruments to steer the change to a more abundant, sustainable world.   Learn More

#5 Pursue Learning & Innovation.

Learning and Innovation are what made it possible for us to imagine and march forward with the stages of growth necessary to bring Azure to where it is today Learn More

#6 Dream Our Passions. Live Our Dreams.

At Azure, we love to think, talk, and go to sleep reflecting on the things we’re excited about: We love to Dream About Our Passions. As we start to take real, actionable steps toward those dreams, it’s surprising how fast we begin living the things we were passionately dreaming about. Learn More

#7 Support Independent & Family-Owned Ventures.

Azure is fiercely independent and family owned and we believe a spirit of independence is what makes our customers, our communities and our country great. We also celebrate those food producers that align with us. With about 180 employees, we serve tens of thousands of like-minded customers each month, offering over 11,000 products from vendors who work hard to create food that is real, wholesome, healthy and nourishing. It’s not always easy, but nothing is more important than our faith, our families, and our health.. Learn More

#8 Promote Healthy Food From Healthy Soil; We Are What We Eat.

We care deeply about what we eat, where our food comes from and how it was grown. The entire Azure team endeavors to be living examples of healthy lifestyles, inspiring others to also care about the origin of food. Our customers encourage farmers to build their living soil as healthy as possible to ensure the food is nutritious and whole. Learn More

#9 Keep It Clean & Sustainable.

Azure embraces and practices sustainability at all its locations resulting in a zero waste organization. This value is very important to our daily operation and practiced by all employees. Learn More

#10 Create Joy & Fulfillment Through Serving & Making A Positive Difference In The World.

Azure believes the greatest mission any individual, community or business can do is Serve and Make a Positive Difference in the World. Learn More

#11 Exemplify Personal Transparency & Open Business Practices.

Personal transparency is the beginning of all meaningful relationships. We must be open and transparent with ourselves and in our relationships, in order to be worthy of trust in the exchange of ideas, information and our community. Learn More

#12 Do More With Less.

At Azure we always seek to emulate the principles of how nature is created to operate. The principle of energy conservation is fundamental in how everything works, from galaxies to atoms. Everything in nature does the maximum amount possible with the least amount of energy- it Does More With Less! Learn More